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Benefits of a Marital Settlement Agreement

When a married couple decides to get a divorce, they may discover that the process of dividing shared property, determining support and alimony, and working out child visitation rights can be a difficult and emotionally-charged process. If certain issues become points of contention or if the couple cannot agree on the division of certain assets, the divorce proceedings can be prolonged and may become significantly more expensive.

In order to avoid such complications, some couples may choose to outline the terms of their divorce through a marital settlement agreement, which can help cover the division of shared property, child visitation, and other complicated issues. For more information on marital settlement agreements and divorce, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560.

Marital Settlement Agreements

While such agreements are not required by law, they can be very helpful in resolving issues during the divorce process. Settlement agreements may help with:

  • Clearly outlining agreements made regarding the separation of property, support, and visitation rights
  • Couples may be able to avoid going to court if the judge determines that the agreement covers everything that is necessary to complete the divorce
  • May help cases move more quickly through the process because the court can see that the major issues have been discussed and resolved

An experienced divorce attorney can be instrumental in helping couples reach an agreement about the division of property and other essential issues during a divorce.

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