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Felony Convictions and Divorce

There are numerous reasons that the State of Texas will allow a fault-based divorce to be filed. One of these factors is a felony conviction or the imprisonment of one of the parties involved for a felony. Such factors are considered in fault-based divorce cases in order to evaluate the interests of the family affected by the conviction.

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Imprisonment and Felony Convictions

The separation of spouses caused by imprisonment can be seriously detrimental to the state of a marriage. The State of Texas provides the following guidelines regarding fault-based divorces and felony convictions. The court may grant a fault-based divorce if:

  • A spouse is convicted of a felony
  • A spouse has been imprisoned for at least one year
  • A spouse has not been pardoned for his or her conviction

The imprisonment can be within The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, another state facility, or a federal facility. The jurisdiction of the imprisonment does not determine the validity of the fault.

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