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What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a technique of problem solving that is not only used in elementary schools, jails, or between co-workers, it is also used in law. Divorce mediation is a special type of professional mediation that can help couple move on from tough places, separate what needs to be separated, and come out as unscathed as possible.

There are other benefits to choosing a mediator over moving directly to the court room. Mediators can help both parties figure what is essential to their new lives, and because it is in such a personal setting, both parties are more likely to be more understanding. Against a common myth, mediation is actually much shorter than other type of divorce resolutions.

If you feel most comfortable with a lawyer, but your ex-spouse wants to use a mediator, you can compromise. Lawyers are not excluded from mediating sessions; in fact they are encouraged to come along. Lawyers can help sort of the legal questions that a mediator might not be as familiar with.

While mediation is a great option for many couples, it isn’t for everyone. If a couple has been through more serious issues like spousal abuse, cheating, or other offenses that has caused the split, then the personal setting might not be welcomed and may make things take longer.

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