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The Basics of Adoption

Many people have turned to adoption when they have wanted children. These people have two basic options to consider which help to decide the rest of the process. Individuals can adopt either domestically or internationally.

Once an individual decides to adopt internationally or domestically, the next decision to make is whether the individual wants to adopt via an agency or independently. Agency adoptions are carried out via the local public agency or through a licensed private agency. This includes such groups as foster care, child welfare, and social services. Independent adoptions are when a prospective adopting parent and prospective placing parent locate each other themselves or via the assistance of an attorney.

Adoption laws in the state of residence govern what a couple’s adoption options are. In addition, they determine how complicated an adoption will be. Adoptions across state lines must comply with the adoption laws of both states. Many states have enacted legislation that governs how children can be placed across state lines. International adoptions are the most complicated. Not only must these comply with state laws but they must comply with the regulations of both the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (formerly the INS) as well as the State Department. In addition, they must comply with the adoption laws of the other country.

In decided which adoption option to pursue, it is important to evaluate the ability to tolerate risk. The various forms of adoption carry with them varying degrees of risk due to the various levels of oversight and monitoring.

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