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Restraining Orders

Being involved in a bitter divorce can be a hard thing for anyone to go through. If your spouse has a violent nature and you are afraid for your life or the life of your family, there may be some things that you need to do to help protect everyone in your family for any harm that may happen.

Restraining orders can be a way to help protect you and your family in case anything may happen with your spouse before and after the divorce is finalized. A restraining order is a court sentence that is written down by the court declaring that someone must stay away from you and your family for a certain amount of time.

While the divorce is going on, the court can issue a temporary restraining order until they have time to get to your court hearing for the permanent restraining order. This temporary restraining order is almost the same as the permanent restraining order with the exception that it has an expiration date that should be right around the same time as the court date for your permanent restraining order.

If you feel danger for your life or for the life of your family, this would be the time to get a restraining order against your spouse. You need to make sure that you are all safe until the divorce is finalized and even after everything is over. Custody battles can be very hard and this is often a time when people choose to get a restraining order because the children are required to stay with one parent until a verdict has been reached.

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