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Child custody

Divorce for children can be a very difficult and complex thing to handle. A lot of children suffer severe psychological trauma because of a divorce between their parents. Children feel confused, hurt, angry, and resentful toward their parents for leaving each other. In addition to mental effects, divorce can also have economic effects on a child. Divorce has become more and more common in the US over the past few years. Child custody laws help to smooth out the transition of divorce and separation for a family. Generally, a hearing will be set up to discuss custody between the two parents and each of their lawyers. The judge will then make a decision to appoint one of the parents the “custodial parent” and to appoint the other the “non-custodial parent”. The custodial parent will then receive custody of the child(ren) from the court. The child(ren) will live with that parent for the majority of the time. The non-custodial parent will be assigned short periods of time that they will be allowed to visit. The only exception to this rule is the “joint physical custody” arrangement.

The joint physical custody agreement basically means that the time the child is with either parent is about equally divided between the two parents. This might mean that the child will spend weeks with each parent. If the parents live in different states things can get to be a little complicated. Sometimes things can be worked out between the two parents and their respective lawyers.

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