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Determining Child Support

Child support, unlike alimony, is guided by state statutes. It falls under Chapter 154 of the Texas Family code. The guidelines are presumed to be both “reasonable” and “in the best interest f the child.” In addition, the rules apply regardless of marriage which means that children born out of wedlock are covered. These statutory guidelines apply unless the parties agree to a different amount.

The statutory guidelines provided for in the Texas Family Code are a mere starting point for child support decisions. There are other considerations, such as the age of the child as well as his or her needs and the ability of the parents to contribute to the support of the child, which are taken into account as well.

Parties are allowed to enter a written agreement that differs from the child support agreement outlined by the court. If this option is utilized, then the court must find that the agreement is in the best interest of the child. If they find the agreement to be in the best interest of the child, then the court can adopt the written agreement in place of the court-ordered child support agreement.

When child support is being paid, it continues until at least a child’s 18th birthday. This was the cut-off until 1985. Since 1985, the rule has been amended to be a child’s 18th birthday or graduation from an accredited high school. This means that an individual can be paying child support until their child’s 21st birthday. If a child is disabled, child support continues indefinitely. Child support payments can be ended if a child gets married, is declared an adult by the court, or dies.

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