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Visitation Rights

During your divorce, your spouse and both of the lawyers will have to sit down and decide on the custody of the children involved. If the two people cannot sit together and decide peacefully who should get custody of the children and all of the visitation rights to go along with it, a judge will proceed to do so.

When going through the court hearings, the judge will talk with you about your lifestyles and try to determine who would be the most capable parent for custody of the children. The court will appoint one parent the custodial parent and the other will obviously be the non-custodial parent.

The judge will then proceed to assign some sort of visitations for the year. There are different types of visitation rights that can be appointed by the judge. Keep in mind that it is completely up to the judge as to determine what type of visitation you receive. Some of the visitations might be every other weekend, one night week, half of winter and spring break holidays, alternating every other major holiday, and split summer vacation from two to six. Every other weekend means that the non-custodial parent will get the child for between and two and three weeks a month going from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. One night week is when the non-custodial parent will get custody of the child for one night each week. Split summer is when one parent has the child for one half of the summer and the other parent will have the child for the other half of the summer.

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