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Child Custody: An Overview

Getting a divorce can become a sticky situation between families. When a couple splits up, not only do they have to take care of all of their assets, but they also have to decide on child custody. Unless this is going to be a peaceful divorce, you are probably going to have a judge get involved to decide on the custody of each of your children.

Child custody is legally defined as the guardianship of your children that were born during the time of the marriage. At your child custody hearing, the judge will have to speak with both parents and will make a decision on who will be the more capable parent to take care of the children. Once the judge has made a decision, they will make a verdict. The judge will appoint one parent the custodial parent and the other will be the non-custodial parent.

The custodial parent will have majority custody of the children. The non-custodial parent will be assigned some type of visitations based on the ruling of the court. The judge will also make a judgment on child support. This means that the judge will decide who gets child support and how much the non-custodial parent will be forced to pay the custodial parent. You must be aware that one parent will also have to take care of insurance on the children. Usually the judge will specifically assign someone that will have to take care of insurance for all the children.

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